We are a family run kennel in Southeast Iowa which is comprised of my wife Mandi, Greyson and Sawyer, my young sons, and me.  With 10 years of experience with the Llewellin breed, I enjoy the day to day routine of taking care of and training our dog family with Mandi and our sons.  Greyson is leading the way for his younger brother, Sawyer.  He not only is developing into a knowledgeable young trainer but is learning the dog business.

Our focus is Upland Game.   With years of DNA confirmed lineage, our Llewellins are bred to enhance their proven natural ability, outstanding noses and innate retrieving skills.  We take these skills and hone them as we train on both wild and game preserve birds which include quail, chukar and pheasant.  From my experience, study, and affiliation with other trainers, my method of training has developed into a soft voice, gentle touch and encouragement with no harsh treatment.

To broaden each dog’s familiarity with a variety of terrains and other game birds, we travel to different states in our free time. We also guide at                                , Iowa’s premier upland game destination, which gives our dogs consistent contact with birds.   Our goal is to breed and develop superior Llewellins for the walking bird hunter that will be productive on wild or game preserve birds of any kind in any terrain while maintaining a working relationship with any handler.

Lastly, our dogs are socialized from the day they are born.  They are part of our family and are handled and exposed to a variety of people of all ages.  They are comfortable in all situations with other dogs inside the house, truck or kennel.   However, when they are taken to the field-GAME IS ON!  The dogs are naturally stylish and trained to honor no matter how many dogs are in the field.  Steady to wing, shot, fall, our dogs retrieve to hand.  This is very important especially when hunting with inexperienced hunters. No one wants to have a great hunting day end with a tragedy.

We look forward to working with you to find your special hunt buddy and get them trained up so you can have a rewarding relationship with your Llewellin as we do.      

Want to come hunt with us and see the pups do their thing, Look us up at Highland Hideaway Hunting and schedule a hunt with us.  Click on the link button below to check it out.