We were introduced to Chuy and Cash Setters through a buddy who’s run Llewellin setters for the better part of 20 years, and wanted a Cash pup for his next dog. He told us, “You gotta check out what Chuy and his family have going on with their dogs.”  I’ve always hunted upland, but never had a bird dog of my own. Chuy and his family welcomed us into theirs and answered thousands of questions, helped us dial in the type of dog we needed for chukar country out west, and made us feel 100% confident that our pup would be trainable and a great family addition. 

 We picked up Sky on January 1st, 2021 and she’s been the best pup ever. She’s incredibly smart and quick to learn while also showcasing that classic Cash Setter’s deminer; unmatchable drive in the field mixed with an absolute ability to laze around the house. Often described as “the off switch” Sky has laid near my feet at the office from day one. She’s friendly, cordial with other dogs of all ages, and a fantastic companion in the boat and on the trail.

 But let me tell you, the “on switch” is real! Cash Setters have this obsession with birds that you’ll see right out the gate. We’re lucky to be able to get on wild birds for training almost 10 months of the year in Idaho, so Sky has been lucky to be on birds very early. Sky is 7 months old as I write this and she’s demonstrated a natural understanding and knowing of all the basic obedience commands. Most impressively, an almost expert level of “whoa”. I’ve been equally impressed with her working range, which changes in different situations, her sense of smell and when to run nose down or nose up, as well as a deep love for working as a team. She’s genuinely proud of herself and me when we get a bird located, pinned, and flushed. 

 My advice to anyone new to this breed or new to Cash Setter’s is to put your deposit down now. These dogs are impressive as heck, and the attention to detail that Chuy and his family put into matching the right breeding with the right home is second to none. 

 I’d spend every cent I have for this dog ten times over. It’s made our lives and our hunts so much more full and enjoyable. I’m grateful to know Chuy and his family and consider them close advisors on training. Better yet, I’m glad to call them friends.

Kevin Harlander
Hailey, ID


Good people to work with and well bred dogs. Chuy spends time with them to make them great hunting dogs.

Jeff kopp


Chuy is my oldest son and i am very proud the man , husband,and father he has grown to be , love watching him work the dogs the time and patient he has with them. always have a great time when we hunt together. you are building so many memories with your son Greyson and soon lil Sawyer will be in the field also . if you ever meet Chuy you will never forget him just
hard working dog trainer and great person , thanks for the invite to your site and keep us posted with pictures and progress with the Llewellins.




The last two years I've had the privilege of hunting quite a few miles with Chuy & his pups. Very impressed with his pups & how he handles them. His pups HUNT and we always look forward to those days & the awesome dog work. Chuy has the training touch as well. Pups respond to him and he has the ability to read them and that makes a great trainer! Great job Chuy!

​Judi Parcell


Chuy is an awesome "Dog man" working a great line of Llewellins. Proud to have him as a colleague!

Forrest Gray
Gray's Gun Dogs


If you’re looking for a Llewellin Setter pup I’d recommend giving Chuy at Cash Setters a call. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone as genuine and honest as Chuy. When my family and I started looking for a pup I knew instantly that Cash Setters was the breeder for us. During my first phone call with Chuy he was extremely informative and upfront with me and I could tell how much love he had for the breed and his dogs. Not only did Chuy tell me about each of his dogs and their individual qualities (which are amazing by the way), but he wanted to learn about me and my family as well to make sure one of his future pups would be in good hands. I quickly realized Cash Setters wasn’t just “another” Llewellin breeder trying to crank out and sell as many dogs as possible. Cash Setters is truly a family.

Chuy checks in often wanting to hear how things are going and is always beaming with pride when he hears one of his pups is showing off their natural abilities in the field. One of the best things about Chuy and Cash Setters is that he is quick to respond and beyond patient with my off the wall training questions. I’m proud to call Chuy a friend and to have a Cash Setter in my home. We absolutely love our Jewel by Pal girl, Beesly, and cannot thank Chuy enough for entrusting her with us.

Josh, Suzanne, Maddy, and Emmy VandeKamp


I have a Jack-Jess puppy from their 2017 litter and it was my first time buying a dog from Chuy. Maggie is 7 months old now and I couldn’t be more happier with her. 

I started field training Maggie at age 4 months and from the moment I started training her on pen raised birds I’ve been amazed by her natural ability at finding birds. I’ve never seen a dog with a nose as good as her’s and she has always been steady to wing. It made it easy to train her and all I’ve done is reinforced and encouraged that natural ability. 

I’ve had her in the field now 4 times since the opening of the season and she has done exceptional. She has drive and stamina. She loves to hunt and she’d keep hunting if I’d let her. Most of the time she ranges out to about 50-70 yards. She sometimes ranges further up to 100-150 yards, but I only have to tone her with the e-collar to get her reeled back in until she learns how far she needs to range. She’s smart and picks up on things quickly. Once she learns what she has to do she’s very obedient at doing it. She  really hasn’t required much e-collar stimulation at all and when I have used it she responds very well to it with no negative reaction to it. 

Gun conditioning took very little time and I never saw any negative reaction during acclimation phases. Last weekend was spent teaching her to honor. After the first training session she had it down and was honoring point for all the following sessions. She quarters well in the field and is methodical in how she hunts.

 After meeting Chuy and going to his house I can tell you that he does this out of passion for the sport and for the love of the breed and his dogs and he has set up a very solid breeding program. I can’t wait to see his future litters out of some of his new dogs too and I will definitely be buying more dogs from him in the future.

I think one of the neatest things about Chuy is, not only does he produce beautiful and great bird dogs, but he has always been interested in seeing and hearing how Maggie’s been doing and is always willing to give advice. 

Jared Clark