Jenny was whelped 5/28/2021 out of our Jilly by Javi litter.  Jenni stands around 43lbs, she is a medium range girl who has hunted different states and species.  Right now had Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Prairie Chicken, Pheasant and Bobwhite Quail.  She lives in Nebraska with some good friends of ours and will be joining the breeding program winter/spring of 2024.


Jango boy was whelped 10/25/2020 from our Jersey by Jack breeding.  Jango has made the cut and has really proven himself with keeping up with the veterans as such a young age.  A very natural boy that moves nice and smooth, adapts to different states and species well.  Right now hes got Pheasant, Quail, Sage Grouse, Ruff Grouse and Woodcock on his resume.   Hes sired a litter and all 6 puppies are showing some great stuff.       




Pal was whelped 6/28/2013 here at Cash Setters.  He is a son of Jess X Jack.  He weighs 47 lbs and his hunting skills mirror his Dad, Jack. Pal is black and white with heavy ticking who ranges from short to long range, if needed.   Pal lives up to his name and is your best PAL in the field or in our home.  In the field, Pal is a real hard hunter for the walking hunter with great style.  Is a natural retriever and has hunted Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, Ruff, Sharptail Grouse, Sage Grouse, Hungarian Partridge,  Woodcock and also Turkeys.  ​ Pal is also a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.   Registered with FIELD DOG STUD BOOK, Pal is DNA and His OFA is certified good.  

Jilly was whelped 11/16/2017, she is out of our Pal and Jewel stands about 35lbs.  Jilly has proven with her natural talent and will be put into our breeding program in 2020.  She is a very natural pup who required very little training. Jilly hunts very similar to her mother Jewel, has a nice speed in the field ranges around 40-80 yards in the prairies and tightens up in the grouse woods from 20-40 yards.  Checks in often and is there for the gun.  Jilly had her first wild bird season in 2018 she hunted Ruff Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant and Quail.  Hunted from the UP, Iowa, Kansas grasslands, Wyoming for Sage Grouse Oklahoma chasing after Quail. Jilly has had a litter of pups and her pups are rocking at and early age, they are everything we thought they would be. She is also a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.   Jilly is registered with Field Dog Stud Book, has had her Penn hips done also her genetic panel with Embark.   

Jewel was whelped 12/21/2013 and weighs 40 lbs and is a tri-color with medium to heavy ticking. Jewel has been with Cash Setters since 8 weeks of age and is Greyson's main dog.  They are inseparable.  He has done wonders training this girl and they make a stellar team in the field as well as at home. Jewel is on the smaller size  but is a brush busted bullet.  She hunts hard and always there for a good laugh with all her spunk. Jewel has a stellar nose and is a natural retriever.  She has hunted Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Ruff Grouse, Woodcock and Turkeys.   Also a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.  She is registered with FIELD DOG STUD BOOK, DNA and OFA hips testing have been done. 




Juno was whelped 12/17/2022 from our Jilly by Jango litter.  This tri girl is just starting out on training but is showing some smarts and natural instincts.  Will be looking forward to starting the 2023 season with her on wild birds.  Stay tuned.  

Journey was whelped 9/20/2022 from our good friends at Brookhaven.  She reminds me so much of her sister Jams.  She is still proving her self for the program but is showing great things.  Strong nose and great natural all around instincts on what we are looking for.   Will be looking forward to starting the 2023 season with her on wild birds.  Stay tuned. 

Pepper was whelped with us on 4/28/2017 our of our Jess by Jack. Pepper is medium pace girl with a lot natural talent.  She hunts a lot like her parents Jess and Jack in the field and if a bird is in the field she is gonna find it. She shows tracking style on her hunt and will take you right to the bird.  

Jam's left us way to early with an tragedy accident one September day.   Jams was such a happy girl who brought such a fun atmosphere around the kennel.  She was 30lbs of spitfire always giving it her all,  weather it was in the field or at home she was always making sure everyone was happy.  We had 2 very short years with her and will never forget her.  Her look when we would get back to the truck if I missed her birds is something that will always be in back of my head.  She knew she had me wrapped around her finger especially when training. She would get away with anything! Luckily she was smart and knew what I was asking of her.  She touched hearts with anyone who met her, always being that pup that everyone remembered.  We will never forget you Little Jams!  You will always be in the field with us, until we meet again.  ​​

Jersey was whelped 1/6/2018, Jersey stands about 35lbs right now.  She is a very laid back easy going girl that has showed some great natural instincts her first season.  Jersey ranges between 30-60 yards working the field for the gun.  A soft mouth on the retrieve has had very little training.   Jersey has whelped her first litter fall of 2020, her pups are showing great instincts at a young age.  Jersey has been guiding with us at Highland Hunting LLC for the last couple seasons.  Recently we made a trip to Quail country down in Oklahoma and she adapted well working the Sage brush, Shelter belts and Plum thickets.  Jersey is registered with Field Dog Stud Book, has had her Penn hips done also her genetic panel with Embark.  

Jess is now retired from our breeding program and will continue to be one of our main guide pups aswell our cuddle friend.  Jess has produced some of the finest bird dogs you will hunt behind with a resume list to prove it.  She is 10 now and as you think she would be slowing down but her heart just wont let her. She keeps up with these youngsters showing them the way in the field.  Jess has some good years left for her in the field and to be digging stuff out of the trash can. 



Jenni was whelped 6/1/2021.  She is a Jewel by Jack girl.  At 37lbs this girl is as sweet as they come and runs with confidence with a little speed around 8-9mph.  A medium range girl with a canon nose, She has hunted multiple states and adapts quickly to different species. Right now she has Pheasant, Bobwhite Quail, Sage Grouse, Ruff Grouse and Woodcock on her resume.  She's a very natural girl and has joined our guide string since 6 months of age at Highland.     

Jack was whelped 12/7/2011 and has been with Cash Setters since the age of 12 weeks.  Standing around 45lbs, he is a Tri-color Llewellin  with  light ticking and an eye patch on his left eye.
Jack is a short to long range hunter and is great about checking in a natural retriever. He has hunted pheasant, quail, chukar, turkey, ruff grouse, blue (dusty) grouse, sage grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Ptarmigan, Hungarian Partridge and woodcock.  He hunts hard all day, everyday if you let him and is one of the best hunting buddies anyone could have. He also is a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.
Registered with FIELD DOG STUD BOOK, DNA, hips and eyes are OFA certified. Jack has sired 4 litters and produces some quality pups meeting the standards of Llewellins with a ton of natural ability., 

Max is from our Jewel by Jack breeding.  Max is a close to medium range pup and a nice steady methodical speed, He's  one of our taller pups standing in around 53lbs.   Max is a very natural boy in all departments and has a great off switch once you leave the field.