Janna comes from our Jewel by Jango breeding, She is the last girl to come from our Jewel before she retired and Janna has shown us very much why we love Jewel's kids.  Janna is about 35lbs right now, she's a great mix of Jango and Jewel.  Works close to medium range 30-60 yards but if not running into birds will expand out to 75-125 yards.   Has her parents nose and couple different styles on her points, can stand tall or set.   We are looking forward to traveling the 2024 season with Janna and her joining the breeding program 2025.  

Ella was whelped 5/28/2021 out of our Jilly by Javi litter.  Ella stands around 43lbs, she is a medium range girl who is a guide dog at Blonhavan in Wisconsin.  Ella is a girl with a nose that can track and retrieve to hand, very biddable girl who will be joining the breeding program winter/spring of 2024.



Jenny was whelped 5/28/2021 out of our Jilly by Javi litter.  Jenni stands around 43lbs, she is a medium range girl who has hunted different states and species.  Right now had Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Prairie Chicken, Pheasant and Bobwhite Quail.  She lives in Nebraska with some good friends of ours and will be joining the breeding program winter/spring of 2024.


Jango boy was whelped 10/25/2020 from our Jersey by Jack breeding.  Jango has made the cut and has really proven himself with keeping up with the veterans as such a young age.  A very natural boy that moves nice and smooth, adapts to different states and species well.  Right now hes got Pheasant, Quail, Sage Grouse, Chukars, Huns, Sharptails, Ruff Grouse and Woodcock on his resume.   Hes sired a litter and all 6 puppies are showing some great stuff.       


Ida Mae

Jersey was whelped 1/6/2018, Jersey stands about 35lbs right now.  She is a very laid back easy going girl that has showed some great natural instincts her first season.  Jersey ranges between 30-60 yards working the field for the gun.  A soft mouth on the retrieve has had very little training.   Jersey has whelped her first litter fall of 2020, her pups are showing great instincts at a young age.  Jersey has been guiding with us at Highland Hunting LLC for the last couple seasons.  Recently we made a trip to Quail country down in Oklahoma and she adapted well working the Sage brush, Shelter belts and Plum thickets.  Jersey is registered with Field Dog Stud Book, has had her Penn hips done also her genetic panel with Embark.  

Ida Mae was whelped 5/24/2022, she is out of Jilly by Duncan, and stands around 38lbs. She lives in the Eastern Upper Peninsula and spends plenty of time roaming the Northwoods for Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock. She's a natural and typically hunts within 40 yards in the grouse woods. Ida Mae is very connected to her handler, checking in frequently. She is outstanding at locating down birds and has been naturally retrieving since her first hunt at 6 months old. She's got a lot of spunk and a sweet personality whether she's in the field or with her family. Ida Mae will be joining the breeding program in 2025.





Jam's left us way to early with an tragedy accident one September day.   Jams was such a happy girl who brought such a fun atmosphere around the kennel.  She was 30lbs of spitfire always giving it her all,  weather it was in the field or at home she was always making sure everyone was happy.  We had 2 very short years with her and will never forget her.  Her look when we would get back to the truck if I missed her birds is something that will always be in back of my head.  She knew she had me wrapped around her finger especially when training. She would get away with anything! Luckily she was smart and knew what I was asking of her.  She touched hearts with anyone who met her, always being that pup that everyone remembered.  We will never forget you Little Jams!  You will always be in the field with us, until we meet again.  ​​

Jilly was whelped 11/16/2017, she is out of our Pal and Jewel stands about 35lbs.  Jilly has proven with her natural talent and will be put into our breeding program in 2020.  She is a very natural pup who required very little training. Jilly hunts very similar to her mother Jewel, has a nice speed in the field ranges around 40-80 yards in the prairies and tightens up in the grouse woods from 20-40 yards.  Checks in often and is there for the gun.  Jilly had her first wild bird season in 2018 she hunted Ruff Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant and Quail.  Hunted from the UP, Iowa, Kansas grasslands, Wyoming for Sage Grouse Oklahoma chasing after Quail. Jilly has had a litter of pups and her pups are rocking at and early age, they are everything we thought they would be. She is also a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.   Jilly is registered with Field Dog Stud Book, has had her Penn hips done also her genetic panel with Embark.   

Juno was whelped 12/17/2022 from our Jilly by Jango litter. Juno has had a great first season showing us she has the good stuff what we are looking for in the program.  We've had a blast behind her starting out in Wyoming chasing Sage Grouse and finishing out the season on Pheasant and Quail in Iowa and Kansas.  



Pal was whelped 6/28/2013 here at Cash Setters.  He is a son of Jess X Jack.  He weighs 47 lbs and his hunting skills mirror his Dad, Jack. Pal is black and white with heavy ticking who ranges from short to long range, if needed.   Pal lives up to his name and is your best PAL in the field or in our home.  In the field, Pal is a real hard hunter for the walking hunter with great style.  Is a natural retriever and has hunted Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, Ruff, Sharptail Grouse, Sage Grouse, Hungarian Partridge,  Woodcock and also Turkeys.  ​ Pal is also a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.   Registered with FIELD DOG STUD BOOK, Pal is DNA and His OFA is certified good.  



Jack was whelped 12/7/2011 and has been with Cash Setters since the age of 12 weeks.  Standing around 45lbs, he is a Tri-color Llewellin  with  light ticking and an eye patch on his left eye.
Jack is a short to long range hunter and is great about checking in a natural retriever. He has hunted pheasant, quail, chukar, turkey, ruff grouse, blue (dusty) grouse, sage grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Ptarmigan, Hungarian Partridge and woodcock.  He hunts hard all day, everyday if you let him and is one of the best hunting buddies anyone could have. He also is a guide dog at Highland Hunting LLC.
Registered with FIELD DOG STUD BOOK, DNA, hips and eyes are OFA certified. Jack has sired 4 litters and produces some quality pups meeting the standards of Llewellins with a ton of natural ability., 


Jenni was whelped 6/1/2021.  She is a Jewel by Jack girl.  At 37lbs this girl is as sweet as they come and runs with confidence with a little speed around 8-9mph.  A medium range girl with a canon nose, She has hunted multiple states and adapts quickly to different species. Right now she has Pheasant, Bobwhite Quail, Sage Grouse, Ruff Grouse and Woodcock on her resume.  She's a very natural girl and has joined our guide string since 6 months of age at Highland.     



Jewel has now retired from the breeding program.  She will be spending her retirement in Wyoming with our good friends the Stanton's.  We will miss her but know she will be living the life she deserves chasing birds and sleeping on the couch.  

Max is from our Jewel by Jack breeding.  Max is a close to medium range pup and a nice steady methodical speed, He's  one of our taller pups standing in around 53lbs.   Max is a very natural boy in all departments and has a great off switch once you leave the field.      




Jess   01/21/2011-06/05/2024

  We fell in love with Llewellins from our very first time meeting our good friend’s pups.  Tuck was the boy we first met and hunted behind, right then we knew they were for us.  Our first Setter came from Tuck, through the years she (Siss) was gone and was off the road establishing some roots and found out Tuck was doing one last breeding.   Was fortunate to get on the list and that’s when we got Jess and our journey began.  

  Jess was a very mischievous girl.  With Mandi and I being young, she was our child so we had to puppy proof the house.  If we didn’t see her we knew she was up to something naughty, girl was a straight up ninja.   Like our original Setter we just exposed Jess to everything and she picked things up very quick and super natural.  We got her ready for the 2011 fall season and then it was on! 

  We hit some wild birds chasing pheasants and some quail!  I quickly realized Jess was a true SETTER displaying some SETS on birds and then turning into a track star.  Her bird contacts grew and at the time I was a horrible shot so I experienced some glares from her followed by a quick “dammit, sorry girl” from me.   With Jess coming along well and quick we started guiding some days to help pay for the dog food at a local club.  Jess rocked it! Folks started talking about this pup around town that lays down when she’s on point.  

Following Jess around it grew our passion, wanting to be out with her any chance we could.  Our goal was to start guiding more and with that we knew we were going to need another pup.   So the winter of 2012 we found her a brace mate, Jack.   We just took Jack with us, at first he followed her around and shortly realized these where two different pups.  Jack had more independence then Jess but as a brace together in the field they became in sync with each other and I often found myself in “ahhh” with those two working birds together, it was like poetry out there.   Together, Jess would start a track on some runners and Jack would be working with her, then snap, he would speed ahead and cut them off.   I witnessed this countless times together with these two.   Jess was a very natural retriever, something we never really messed with, but would have fun here and there.  She would always do something that developed into a habit what I would call her “happy dance”.   It would be on her way back to me with the bird and she would stay about 5’ from me and do a couple circles.  At first it drove me crazy, but then realized we never lost a bird that was down with her and to just relax and enjoy the moment.   I mean, she always brought it to hand after her showcasing it.   She wasn’t ever in any big hurry.  She really taught me to take a breath and enjoy the moment.  

  Jess trained a lot of our pups in the field, she was known as our “mother hen” here.  She loved every pup and puppies.   She ruled the kennel and kept everyone in check.   It didn’t matter if they were her pups or not she would become their keeper and chew toy and didn’t give the other moms a choice as they knew Jess was the boss.   Even in her old age, everyone still knew Jess was boss and not to challenge her. 

  Fast forward to 10 years old we had her retired from the breeding program and she was able to make more of our trips.   I will never forget the trip to Wyoming with her, the youngsters and Mandi.   She just took in all the views and was smiling from ear to ear.  We took her and Javi, (her son), up to 10,000 feet to chase some blues.  As we walked on the mountain side, Jess slammed down with Javi honoring.   As we walked in out of the sage brush, some Blue Grouse erupts and Mandi brought one down with a quick Javi retrieve we all to a moment together and enjoyed it along the side of a mountain.   Jess was 10 going on 11 then and she certainly left it all out there,  she out ran the 1,2,3 and 5 year old pups showing them she’s still top dog.  

  We made so many memories girl chasing birds, traveling around the Midwest.  You taught us so much in the field, and at home like don’t sweat the little things just keep going forward.  We can’t thank you enough girl for the journey you’ve made for us, the amazing people we’ve met along the way all because of you and your pups. 

  At 13 deaf and mostly blind we were able to make a few trips out in the field with her and somehow if we got a bird down she would be the first pup on it.  She would have trouble finding us but we enjoyed the moment and let her do her thing.  She also really enjoyed the side by side and truck rides.   As we understood the bridge crossing was coming soon, we still to a moment to be  very happy to be able to have Jess see her great great grandkids born from Ela’s litter and with Pal, Jilly, Bristol, Ela and her puppies we had 5 generations of Jess pups.  

  We had one last side by side ride with her to our vet clinic, taking our time wanting her to enjoy the wind in her hair one last time we made it to the room we was gonna have one last good bye to her.  As we held her in our arms tightly we noticed something big from her she was smiling, something that we hadn’t see from her recently and even though the cloudy eyes was rolling on our end all she could do was smile and let us know she was happy and lived the best life out there.  

  Jess we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve given us and other.   We know you will live with us forever and the memories will always be there.  We love you so much and know you will be watching over us.     

We love you, Your big family