​​​​​​At Cash Setters, we believe that it is imperative that a gun dog is given all the tools they need to be the best walking hunting dog for the owner and handler.   We train them to be steady on wing, shot and fall.  To cover more terrain, our dogs and those we train are fluent in the language of backing which is a delight to see when a group is out on the hunt.  Of course, we specialize in Llewellins, but we welcome any gun dog to our training facility. 

Our approach to training is the use of a soft voice and hand with positive reinforcement.  Llewellins are sensitive dogs and will shut down if commands and handling are harsh. We have found that with a light approach it is also translates to a very peaceful time when out in the field and on the hunt.  

If we train your hunter,  we insist that you  too get a couple lessons.  We will take  you both and teach you how to work with each other based on the training we have given your dog.   You both will leave feeling confident that the next hunt will be the best hunt yet.   We will review all  commands and techniques with you both making sure you are comfortable with each other through the process.  

We welcome dogs to come back to get "tuned up" for the upcoming hunting season. Those long winters get us all a little dull and since most hunters have limited time out on the hunt, it is suggested that a "tune up" will just make the season sweeter and more productive. 

We look forward to helping you not only find your perfect Llewellin but to train him or her into the walking gun dog they have the potential to be, making your hunting experiences some of the best you have ever had with your hunt buddy.  

Let's get started!!

Chuy & Mandi Garcia

& Greyson 

& Sawyer, too.